J.M.P. Group of Institution

(An Educational unit of Shankar Charitable Trust)

J.M.P. Group of Institution is registered in the state of Jharkhand .The promoters of the trust are highly qualified persons who are dedicated to produce  excellent and  quality technical education based on moral values and ethics.The main object of the College is  to develop  skilled and educated man power  in the area where  there is acute shortage.  The College aims at making its institution one  of the  best educational  institutions in Jharkhand to enable  its students to acquire top

Chianki, (Ranchi Road) Dist Palamu, Jharkhand is Established and managed By SHANKAR Charitale Trust .It is Recognised by NCTE Bhubaneshwar & Affiilited to Nilamber Pitamber University to Provides education in All course to the Student. The College is Situated in a beautiful and Natural Surrounding in Ranchi Road. situated at a distance of 6 k.m from Town and Ranchi Station .


Our vision is simple to state: “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man” thus speak the Great Swami Vivekananda. A society in which every member is perfect is a perfect society. If only the whole world consisted of one society, one such perfect society …, which is our vision.


For those looking for hassle free process of getting foreign education, “Admission Advisor” could be the directing force in providing full counseling support to the best of their satisfaction to help them reach the new height in their career through superior education.

Over View J.M.P. Group of Institution

The core curriculum in education at Courses level encompasses philosophical, psychological, sociological and political aspects which form the foundation for developing the mental set with regard to pedagogy. The aim and objective of Teacher Education is as follows: To develop the understanding and competencies among pupil- teacher required for effective teaching learning process.

  1. To develop as appreciation of the role of the teacher in the prevailing socio-cultural and political system in general and the educational system in particular.
  2. To imbibe knowledge and develop an understanding of the various methods and approaches of organizing experiences of secondary school students.
  3. To help the pupil-teacher in all round development of the children in different directions through their teaching behavior.

J. M.P. Group of Institution Colleget has defined the mission statement not only by writing few words or lines but it is visible through its actions in education and charitable works in the region. The mission of the Elie Group is to develop skilled, educated and dedicated manpower in the area where there is need especially in the field of engineering, technology, law, education, nursing, pharmacy, management, computer science etc. The Elite Group is committed to impart career oriented and quality education. It believes in “Making of better human beings” by inculcating moral and ethical values in their personalities”. The Elite Group wants to promote the education the most modern way and to introduce new and latest courses keeping in mind the need of 1 the hour. Its mission is to the best in infrastructural facilities, selection of the highly educated, trained and I ( experienced faculty having orientation towards research activities and have best Education – Industry
I interface.

Rules & Regulations

  1. A Student admitted to Course in college must maintain the ethos of Commitment to professional Programme .She is expected to behave in dignified manner
  2. According to Nilamber Pitamber University and NCTE norms a trainee must attend 75 % of all theory classes.
  3. Prior Permission is required from the Principal /Prof in Charge for and any Casual absence.
  4. No other Commitment ,Such as competitive examination,Computer Course,Private Tuition ,Other University Examinatins Should be undertaken during the regular College Timing
  5. Every Trainee is expected to take proper care of the College Property.
  6. If Candidate desires to drop out from the course before the commencement of classes,She will recive refund of fee execept application and admission fee.After the the commencement of classes theres will be no refund money.


  1. Successful Candidate s securing at least 70% Marks in the aggregate shall be Declared to have obtained Distinctin.
  2. Successful Candidates s securing at least 60% Marks in the aggregate shall be placed in the First Division.
  3. Successful Candidates securing at least 45% Marks in the aggregate shall be placed in theSecond Division.
  4. Successful Candidates shall be given certificates in such form as the academic council may prescribe.
  5. Candidates s securing less than 45% shall be declared to have failed in the examination.